I would like to share a story with one young man that I had, he about 7 years old with special needs. He was totally blind.

You come to Reynolda House and say, "You see this, you can see that" and you can't with a young man that cannot see.

So we were touching railing, wooden floors, carpets and going through the house.

He was a very inquisitive young man for his age, so wanting to... He was full of life.

I was in the dining room and one of the security guards came by to me and said, "You can touch, it's OK-you can touch the marble mantel. The security director said it was fine."

It took my breath away that I was taking this young man's hands on that beautiful marble fireplace. It was perfect.

If you look at it closely, on the side is a profile of a baby's face. So, I took his sweet hands and ran my hands over his and said, "That's the baby's face!"

And then I took it down on the front and there was a lion. I said, "This is the lion's face."

We ran his hand down and I said, "There's the fruit."

In the center of the fireplace was a carved, female face and I said, "This is the mommy's face!" And we ran our hands over that.

I was so thrilled to share that with him in an area you cannot touch in the House.

-Susan Warren, Docent-Volunteer